PUMAR Ryki Active Group Of The Disabled

PUMAR is the main sponsor of an Active Group long-distance-running team taking part in contests across the country. These include marathons held in Krakow, Lębork, and Wroclaw; semi-marathons in Poznań Korycin, Hajnówka, Radzymin, Klimontów, Sochaczew; and, shorter-distance races, incl. 12 km, 10 km, 5 km, and 4 km ones, in: Lublin, Tarnobrzeg, Rudniki-Śląskie, Bielsko-Biała, Świdnik-Lublin, Tomaszów-Lubelski, Biłgoraj, Żarnowiec, Sopot, Brody, Gdańsk, Dęblin, Pysznica, Białystok, Łuków, Warsaw. The Active Group we sponsor also takes part in 100 km runs, being the most demanding type of contest, and in 'In the Memory of Zamość Land Children Four-Stage Peace Run, Zamość.

The Group consists of four handicapped contestants, all using a wheelchair. There is a double-above-knee amputee, a spinal trauma survivor with lower-limb inertia and one who suffers a neurological pathology with the resultant restricted coordination of all the limbs, paticularly the lower ones. The team members names are Bożena Czechaniuk, Piotr Pieńczok, Jan Pyclik and Sylwester Wojtaś.

  1. A native of Ryki, Sylwester Wojtaś first encountered professional sport in 1985 in Lublinie, as he enrolled with local START Lublin club's Athletics Section. In 1986, he took interest in long-distance runs on racing wheelchairs. He made his debut as a contestant using a borrowed equipment. He then got the sports bug, and has never 'recovered' ever since. In 1990, he succumbed to alcoholism and did not recover till 2004. He fortunately managed to resume his sportive activities, along with sobriety, which he deems his greatest success. Today, a winner of several medals and honours, Sylwester ranks among the top Polish athletes.
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