Schuco SI 82+

Corona SI 82+ window systems have three levels of drainage and patented aluminium profile rolling technology. Thanks to industrial fabrication and fast availability, they can now be used to build passive and low-energy windows for houses economically and to a high standard. Corona SI 82+ window systems or window doors are suitable for a wide variety of uses in both new-build and renovation projects. An extensive range of accessories ensures a high level of system security.

  • Profile depth of 82 mm
  • 8-chamber profile system with excellent insulation properties
  • Constructive intelligence: steel and insulating foam-free frame designs avoid thermal bridging and are fully recyclable
  • Vent geometry with quarter-rebated, half-rounded vent appearance
  • Softform design for the highest level of harmony in design
  • Uw values up to 0.8 W/(m2K) - depending on profile combination and glazing
  • Compared with standard windows, 80% more glass surfaces (light) when building with Corona SI 82+ with the same level of thermal insulation

Corona SI 82+ - stylish, energy-saving windows
The Thermo energy-saving window system is fabricated using Corona SI 82+ PVC-U profiles and is characterised by maximum energy efficiency.

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Schüco is setting new standards in innovative frame technology: a new type of PVC-U/aluminium composite technology allows slimline window construction to be combined with excellent thermal insulation properties. Eight closed air chambers within the frame profile allow for maximum thermal efficiency, hitherto unthinkable without the use of foam insulation.

A patented composite PVC-U/aluminium construction strengthens the profiles so effectively that, in contrast to conventional profiles, there is no need for steel reinforcements. The removal of these "cold bridges" considerably increases the thermal performance of these frame profiles.

Thermo 8 energy-saving windows are fabricated from this profile. By replacing your old windows, you will reduce the amount of energy you use by up to 21%. In the case of an average family home, this is the equivalent of up to 720 litres of oil. At the same time, you will reduce your CO2 emissions by around 1300 m3.

Despite their superb thermal insulation properties, the frame profiles remain slim and elegant, allowing maximum light. For new-build homes in particular, Thermo 8 energy-saving windows allow you to install more generously proportioned windows and therefore lighter and more airy living spaces. In comparison with constructions of standard qualtiy, windows can be increased in size by up to 80% - and all while still maintaining statutory thermal protection requirements.


In addition to its contemporary, elegant appearance, Thermo 8 energy-saving windows offer a high level of security and protection for your home: the high level of resistance of the composite material and the above-average basic depth with mainly internally mounted fittings offer little opportunities for burglars.


Thermo 8 energy-saving windows protect against noise, cold and damp by means of three independent gasket levels. The excellent thermal insulation properties make these windows exclusive windows - because the temperature of the frame on the inside does not noticeably drop below the interior temperature, even in the depths of winter. Draughts and condensation are therefore effectively and permanently avoided.

Thermo 8 energy-saving windows and their individual components remain easy to clean and more or less maintenance-free, even over an extended period of time. The surface finishes are colour-fast and light-fast and fittings and handles are sealed against corrosion. You can be sure that your new, tailor-made Thermo 8 energy-saving windows will give you service for many years to come. Effortless operation goes without saying with this modern window. In addition, sensible accessories allow everything to be made a great deal more comfortable and simple. Electrically operated roller shutters are for example also both practical and effective. And an added boon in summer: an integrated flyscreen which allows bug-free fresh air ventilation.


Thermo 8 energy-saving windows offer a multitude of options through a wide selection of colours and features (sash bars, handles, etc.) with which to meet your individual design requirements.

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