Schuco HS / PSK

With well thought-out PVC-U multi-chamber profiles, a basic vent depth of 70mm and high-quality double glazing, Corona CT 70 HS achieves excellent thermal insulation values in modern window design (Uw<=1,4 W/(qmK)). The threshold of the lift and slide door is constructed in such a way that a thermal break takes place between the outside and inside. Draughty floor areas in front of the window door system are therefore effectively prevented. An innovative gasket system guarantees maximum resistance to wind and driving rain, as well as optimum sound insulation. And the tried and tested locking system fulfils the highest requirements with regard to burglar resistance.

  • In addition to the "tilt" opening type, it allows the pushing out and then sliding of a window ventFittings for 2 to 4-vent tilt/slide units
  • Vent geometry both with rebated (Classic), quarter-rebated (Rondo) and semi-rebated (Cava) vent appearance
  • Vent and outer frame profiles as multi-chamber system - improvement in stability and thermal insulation of the units
  • Optimum weathertightness and sound insulation values
  • Maximum unit stability through large steel reinforcing profiles with wall thicknesses up to 3 mm
  • Sliding vent in tilt position is secured so that it cannot slide
  • Optional security levels SFI, SFII-Extra (AhS-Extra) and SFIII (WK2)

The wide choice of colours and woodgrains in Corona CT 70 PASK ensures individuality in design. At the same time, the versatile vent seal and the locking options offer maximum comfort and a high level of security.

Corona CT 70 PASK units are based on the Corona CT 70 window system. It can be supplied with Cava, Rondo and Classic profile contours which are identical to that of the window system, so that there is no problem combining the units with other types of opening.

  • Flat, easy access threshold
  • Optimum isotherm flow ensures excellent thermal insulation with thermally broken reinforcement and threshold profiles with foamed insulating bars
  • Multi-chamber technology with all construction details
  • High-quality EPDM joint sealing pieces are used to seal the critical construction details, for example, at the centre joint
  • Air permeability: class 4 in accordance with DIN EN 12207 (stress group C)
  • Resistance to driving rain - class 8A in accordance with DIN EN 12208

Integration in the Corona colour range means an almost unlimited choice of colours in the Corona CT 70 HS. The Corona CT 70 HS profile range can be supplied directly from stock in 17 different colours in both single-sided and double-sided designs.

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