Schuco CT 70

The PVC-U system Schuco Corona CT 70 Cava with rebate gasket is based on a 5-chamber technology. Excellent thermal insulation properties and narrow face widths in three different vent contours are the distinctive features of this system. Integration with the Corona colour range means that you can select from a repertoire of over 20 woodgrains and single colours, laminated on one side or on both sides.

Key features

  • Basic depth of 70 mm
  • Narrow face width of 120 mm for the standard profile combination
  • Remarkable contours with concise softform radii and sloping exposed faces
  • Geometrically innovative design of the semi-rebated vent (concave shape)
  • Range of attractively designed glazing beads provides renovation options in keeping with the original style
  • Optimum thermal insulation and stability ratio
  • Modern, silver-grey EPDM gaskets on white profiles, black EPDM gaskets on foiled profiles
  • Uw values up to 1.3 W/(m2K) possible with standard glazing Ug=1.1 W/(m2K) - depending on profile combination and glazing
  • Sound insulation up to 5 db - depending on chosen profile and glazing

Schuco Corona CT 70 - timeless, secure, efficient

The Schuco CT 70 window system is the "all-rounder" of the PVC-U window systems with high thermal insulation and a wide range of accessories. Corona S is just one of the windows fabricated from this system.

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Leaflets to download:

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Sections to download:

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The profile cross-section shows why - the multi-chamber profile construction with five chambers and an increased basic depth of 70 mm provide for excellent thermal insulation properties. In conjunction with the continuous rebate gaskets and the glazed unit, it produces insulation values almost unimaginable a few years ago.

With Schuco CT 70, you have a window that will function reliably for many years to come. For a detached house built in 1980, with a net floor area of about 140 m2, replacement windows from the Corona CT70 series cut energy consumption by approximately 16%.


With a wide range of fittings types, the window can be equipped in accordance with the relevant security requirements.

Robust steel profiles in the outer and vent frame make the windows extremely rugged and durable. All of the fittings are anchored securely and permanently in the surrounding steel reinforcement. This also enhances your security and the value of your windows.


New windows provide for additional comfort at home. Their design and the materials used provide very effective sound insulation. Two sealing levels also prevent draughts even when the wind is blowing hard outside. In addition, the optimum transparency of modern insulating glass allows for greater light than ever before.


Schuco CT 70 windows offer timeless lines and slender profile contours. The well-balanced design of the Cava, Rondo and classic vents underline the individual appearance of your home. A wide selection of colour and woodgrain finishes can lend their own emphasis to both the interior and the exterior of your home.

The Schuco CT 70 range has yet more to offer - from the choice of RAL-imitation colours to the option to combine different colour shades on the inside and outside of window frames and vents. Every feature is designed to allow you freedom of expression.

Schuco CT 70 windows offer many ways of making your home not just more attractive and charming, but also of improving the condition of its fabric and maintaining or even increasing its value. The crisp styling and slender profiles of the frames increase the proportion of glazing in the window. This allows greater light penetration, for brighter rooms and an open and friendly atmosphere.

In addition, you can improve the appearance of your home through numerous accessory elements like sash bars, roller shutters or roller shutter tracks, which are easy to adapt to the overall appearance in terms of colour and design

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