Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is rooted in a strategy to maintain and master a high customer handling standard and top quality of products offered.

Our quality policy objectives are:

  • to satisfy the customer expectations, needs and requirements, along with meeting the relevant legal regulations
  • to develop sales and increase competitiveness of our products
  • to manufacture safe and environment-friendly products

PUMAR achieves the targets it sets for itself through:

  • a quality management system put in place, its efficiency being incessantly finetuned and compliance with Polish/EU standards or norms observed
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles employed and observed
  • assessment of customer needs/expectations
  • partnership-based cooperation and support provided to window manufacturers
  • careful selection of suppliers and collaborating with them
  • permanent improvement of product quality
  • application of materials whose quality and hygiene standards ensure the established quality of product
  • application of technical/technological progress, based on domestic and foreign window sector's experiences
  • permanent training offered to, and perfecting the qualifications and skills of, our staff; actions taken in order to ensure employee satisfaction
  • meeting the environmental-protection requirements
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